What is the Criteria to Think About When Researching Commercial Roofers?

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When looking for a commercial roofer, the first thing to keep in mind is its experience in commercial roofing. Commercial roofs can be metal. Oftentimes they are flat and covered with specific materials, such as bituminous or rubber membranes, which are different from the materials that cover residential roofs (tiles, shingles) and therefore have particular installation and maintenance characteristics. That is why you should look for “commercial roofers” rather than for “roofers” in general.

Make sure you work with a reliable company

A simple search on the Internet can offer you a multitude of options for choosing a commercial flat or metal roofing Denver specialist.

The choice is simple: look for a portfolio of works and the opinions of other clients, make sure that the company has stable headquarters (preferably local!), a clean history and as long as possible on the commercial roofing market. Additionally, it is important to see with your own eyes other works performed with the same roof model as the one you want for your commercial building, existing in the company`s portfolio.

Make sure to obtain written estimates from several commercial roofers that include the prices for the necessary materials and accessories, as well as for workmanship. Call and set up a meeting with a company`s agent. The agent will make the necessary measurements and prepare the price offer – which you can expect to be exact.

In general, commercial roofers offer these written estimates free of charge. Make sure that all the other necessary information is included regarding the materials used, the deadline and the warranties.

Do not leave your roof in the hands of roofers that cannot make proof of their credentials!

A professional flat or metal roofing contractor is licensed, certified and has a very good reputation. You can opt for the most expensive and quality materials, but if the roof installation is not done correctly, its functionality will be lost.


A commercial roof project can be quite expensive and, as a building owner, you must be prepared with a reserve fund and also wit6h adequate insurance. However, when you choose a commercial roofer, do not fall for the cheapest offer. Typically, you get what you pay for, and when it comes to the roof, cheap materials and services will likely translate into lower efficiency and lifespan that will probably cost you more in the long run than choosing quality in the first place and paying a bit more for it. Whatever you choose, make sure to put in balance the price, lifespan and overall efficiency of the roof.

Warranties offered for materials and workmanship

Any commercial roofer is obliged to offer you warranties for the roofing materials, as well as for the workmanship. In their absence, any defect in the installation of the roof can only be remedied with additional costs that will be supported by you – and which can be significant!

Today, the materials used for flat roofs are very high performance. If we think only of EPDM membranes that last for half a century, it is obvious that we are entitled to receive long warranties.


About the author: Zachary Thomas