Common mistakes in roofing and how to avoid it

Roofing is a process where we build a roof for a house. Roof is the top of any house that is constructed. It is must and should to construct the roof for a house because it works as a shelter actually. A man always needs three things in his life. They are:


Without the roof a man can’t protect himself from sun, wind, cold, rain, snow etc. The roofing also should be done properly in order to avoid loss and keep reconstructing it if any problem is faced.

Mistakes while building roof
Proper roof decking.
Fixing shingles
Nailing process.
Usage of low quality flashing or old flashing.
Proper usage of roof overhang.
Protect the roof from moisture.
Providing proper ventilation.
How to avoid the mistakes


Proper roof decking
We initially start roofing by roof decking. It is like a basement or foundation for roof. It should be constructed carefully so that we can fix remaining roof also properly. Fixing of shingles depends on the decking as they will be fixed on the decking. Make sure the decking is done in such a way that the roof will not be affected by moisture.

Fixing shingles
Shingles we use should be new and with high quality. Shingles should be fixed without any gaps so that any moisture or dirt doesn’t accumulate in the gaps and damage the roof.

Nailing process
To fix the nails fast, we shouldn’t use short nails. We should use the nails in such a way that the shingles are fixed in to the deck properly. This will avoid loosening of shingles.

Usage of low quality flashing or old flashing
There may be a chance that any material other than metal for flashing would be incompletion of roof as it acts as moisture barrier. Usually flashes are fixed in such areas like chimneys, skylights, roof valleys etc. There shouldn’t be any gaps while fixing flashes. Old flashes should not be used by patching, cutting edges etc. Replacing also should be done with new ones.

Proper usage of roof overhang
Though it gives a good look to the house, we should take care while overhanging the eaves. Roof should be properly overhung. It provides protection from wind.

Protect the roof from moisture
Basically, we observe moisture at many places in our house. That is because there may be mistakes in the construction of a roof. The roof should be in such a way that rain, ice, and snow etc should not affect it. There shouldn’t be any place for them to enter the house. Hence the roof shouldn’t have gaps.

Providing proper ventilation
When there is no proper flow of air in to the house, there is a chance of moist in house. Moisture damages the entire house. Hence we need proper ventilation so that the air flow will be there.

About the author: Zachary Thomas