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Exploring the Most Popular Roofing Colors to Complement Your Home

roofing contractor Pensacola FL experts can help determine roofing color and improve curb appeal

Curb appeal is a big deal when it comes to making your home more appealing to your neighbors, as well as getting it ready for a possible sale in the near future. As you already know, your roof is the most prominent and easy to spot feature of your house, even when viewed from afar. As a result, it makes a lot of sense to paint your roof a popular color that any passerby, visitor or possible buyer will enjoy seeing.

How to Choose the Right Roofing Color

Most people choose the roofing colors they want in order to satisfy their desire for visual harmony. If you enjoy what your home looks like, that should normally be the end of it. However, roofing contractor Pensacola FL experts will recommend that you also take a few other important factors into consideration, before choosing what you think might be the ideal color for your roof:

  1. Be practical. Consider getting a lighter shade of color, if you live in a warmer environment (to reflect sunlight), or a darker shade if you live in a cold environment. That way, you will make your roof fit in with the area you live in, and ensure a more stable home temperature at the same time.
  2. Learn about color harmony in arts. A unique but inspired way to choose your roofing color is to learn what colors go well together in art and fashion. For instance, pastel pink will go well together with violet or blue, or turquoise, but darker pink shades or red will rarely go well together with dark cyan or green.
  3. Choose colors that complement your home’s siding as well as the local landscape and the other homes in your neighborhood. If the predominant colors used in your neighborhood are warm, for example, and the scenery is somewhat arid and desert-like, then light brown, black or gray might be the best complementing colors for your roof.
  4. Repaint your home for better curb appeal. In many cases, it’s best to not only repaint your roof, but choose a complete color combination for your entire home. The benefit to this approach is that you can customize your home’s image entirely, choosing unique siding textures and putting them together to fit perfectly with your new roofing colors.

Hire a Professional to Get the Job Done

Although it might be fun to paint your roof and your home yourself, a hired Pensacola professional will usually be able to finish the job much faster and provide you with a greater set of options when it comes to selecting the colors, textures and overall appearance of your roof, as well as the type of paint you’ll want to use – not just to make your roof look great, but also to keep your home healthy and environmentally friendly.

A great looking roof will always appeal to visitors and buyers, whether you plan to stay in your home for many more years to come, or you’d like to sell it in the next few months. So make sure you follow the tips presented above, to get the most out of your roof’s contribution to your house’s curb appeal.

Top Shingles Recommended for North Texas

The area surrounding Dallas and Fort Worth, known as North Texas, is well-known for changeable weather – the subtropical-continental climate in the region comes with very hot summers and mild winters, but also with capricious weather all year long. The temperature can drop any time, thunderstorms and strong hail storms can form in a manner of minutes and the area is affected each year by several tornadoes as well.

roofers in Dallas

All this means not only that locals need a wardrobe that can accommodate such swift changes, but also that local homes are in need of special solutions that allow them to stay safe, no matter what weather comes along. The roof being the building component most exposed to the elements, knowledgeable roofers in Dallas suggest that local building owners need to choose their roofing materials very carefully. When you start looking for the right roofing solution for your North Texas building, you will find that shingles are the most affordable materials available today, but are they strong enough to protect your home from the extreme weather associated with tornadoes? Well, some shingles products are designed for buildings located in areas where the climate is calm and the temperatures are even, but there are others that have been developed especially for extreme weather and are able to stand up to hail, other types of impact, rain and high winds. Here are some tips about how to choose the best shingles for your new roof in North Texas.

3-Tab Asphalt Shingles

The cheapest, simplest, easiest to install shingles can theoretically last for up to 30 years, but the beating that North Texan roofs take from the elements might shorten their lifespans significantly. 3-tab shingles are lightweight and they come in a variety of colors and textures, so you will be able to find the style that matches the style of your building, but your shingles might be damaged by extreme weather, such as hail, high winds and excessive rain, so if you choose this solution, you need to be prepared to clean, inspect and repair your roof regularly.

Architectural Shingles

Also called dimensional shingles, these shingle solutions are sturdier and more durable than standard, 3-tab shingles. Dimensional shingles are less sensitive, therefore less susceptible to weather damage, but they also come in a wide array of colors and styles, so finding the best style is easy and the choice will also reduce your roof’s maintenance and repair needs.

Impact-Resistant Shingles

The strongest and most durable shingle types are extensively tested for impact resistance. The shingles that are categorized as class 4 roofing materials undergo laboratory testing that involve dropping steel balls onto the shingles from a height of at least 20 feet to simulate the conditions associated with hail storms. Impact-resistant shingles are the most expensive shingle types, but they are also the most durable and the most suitable for regions where the likelihood of storms and hail is high. These shingles are also the thickest and heaviest of all shingles, but, considering their strength and the enhanced protection they can offer to your home, they are also the best investment into your North Texas property.

DIY Window Replacement Tips for Easy and Successful Remodeling

DIY or Hire A Professional

If you are looking for DIY window replacement tips, search no further – here are a few excellent ideas to help you become one of the DIY enthusiasts who have already tackled the task of replacing their own windows successfully.

The Tools You Will Need

For a successful DIY window replacement project, you need the right tools – here are the most important tools of the trade:

  • Safety equipment, including glasses, gloves and a helmet,
  • A caulk gun,
  • Good quality hammers and screwdrivers and a power drill or power driver,
  • Knives, including a putty knife and a utility knife,
  • Tape measure and a level,
  • A suitably sized pry bar.

Choosing the Right Type of Window

Whether you decide to buy brand-new windows or you go for second-hand, here are the most common types of windows:

  • Insert windows – a good choice for solid, undamaged frames and for situations when the new window is of exactly the same size as the old one,
  • Full-frame windows – the best solution if you want to modify the size or the shape of your windows. The types they come in include double-hung, awning, specialty and casement windows.

The two types are different in terms of complexity – full-frame windows are a bit more difficult to install than insert types, but with the right tools and some planning, none of them are very complicated.

How to Make Accurate Measurements

To be able to buy new windows that fit perfectly, you need to know exactly what size to buy. Measure the width of the window at three height points between the inside of one jamb to the other, then measure the height the same way, only vertically. For both dimensions, use the smallest measurement as reference.

Removing the Old Window

Use your knives, your pry bar and your screwdriver to remove the old window. Try to be as gentle as possible and take care not to damage the area around the window. You will find that Lansing windows were built well, so be careful not to damage the wall when removing them.  Remove the old sash, the sash chords and the sash weights as well – many old windows still have these components.

Make a Rough Installation

When the old window has been removed, clean the opening as much as you can, then remove the packing clips from the shims of the new window and place the window into the opening to see if it fits. Pay special attention to the shims – mark their exact location on the wall for the final fitting. Make sure your new window is exactly where it should be, then use the mounting screws provided with the windows and fix them into the jambs and fix the window header as well. Test the new window by opening and closing it repeatedly and make the necessary adjustments to the sashes and the shims to ensure smooth operation. If you are sure the window is in the right place, fix it all into the opening with caulk.

We hope we could make your project easier with these DIY window replacement tips – the replacement will make your home more comfortable and more attractive and you can enjoy the fruit of your own work.


The Top Types Roofing Tiles and The Features They Offer

Top Products

When homeowners think of roofing, the first type of roofing material that comes to mind is tiles – if you are currently in the process of choosing the best roofing cover for your building, here are the top types of roofing tiles, with short descriptions of their benefits.

Metal Tiles

Metal roofs most commonly come in the form of large panels, but this is not the only option. Metal tiles are smaller pieces of curved roofing material that look very much like clay or slate tiles and they offer all the benefits of metal roof as well as some additional features. The qualities that make metal roofs so popular include lightweight construction, longevity, durability, resistance to harsh weather, including heavy rain, snow, fire and storms accompanies by strong winds. What metal tiles add is variety in terms of color and texture – this great roofing material is available in almost endless color and texture options.

Slate Tiles

The most traditional and the longest-lasting type of tiles are also the most attractive – no two slices of stone look the same, so the roofs that are covered in this natural material look beautiful in a rustic way. However, slate tiles are on the expensive side, they are quite heavy and they also need professional installation, but once installed, they can stay on your roof for 100 years.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are widespread across the country. The features that make them so popular include durability, low maintenance needs, variety in terms of style, size and color. However, homeowners considering this type of roofing must be aware that ceramic tiles are also quite heavy and are therefore suitable only for buildings that can hold up a heavy roof.

Concrete Tiles

Very similar to ceramic tiles in appearance and in terms of physical features, concrete tiles are even more resistant and durable than ceramic materials and they are less prone to cracking and chipping. Concrete tiles are heavy as well, so the same weight-related restrictions apply as in the case of ceramic tiles.

Bituminous Tiles

These tiles are the perfect choice for homeowners looking for the durability and the varied design options offered by concrete or ceramic tiles, but without the weight. The material is made by imprinting cellulose fiber or fiberglass with bitumen and then covering the top of the tiles with basalt or granite granules. The resulting tiles are resistant, durable and attractive and they are installed using adhesive, without any screws, nails or bolts, which not only speeds up the process, but also reduces the risk of leaks.

Polymer-Sand Tiles

This new material is made by creating a mix of sand and polymer material that is placed into a mold to give it shape. The tiles made from polymer-sand resemble ceramic tiles, but they are more durable and more flexible, therefore they don’t break easily. They are fire-resistant and lightweight tiles as well.

Above we listed the top types of roofing tiles to make it easier for you to choose the best variety – whatever your home design, a tile roof will add curb appeal and longevity to your building, so take your time to browse available varieties.  As with any decision, contacting one of the professional roofing companies Wichita KS offers, is a great place to start, and see what they recommend for your area.

Hiring a Roofer in Orlando: Important Points to Keep in Mind

Important Tips To Keep In Mind

Hiring a roofer in Orlando is definitely not an easy task. Even though there are a lot of roofing contractors around, you’ll find that larger cities like Orlando and Miami are often havens for storm chasers and other roofers who tend to rely more on their ability to swindle clients, rather than on their skills of installing and repairing roofs.


How Much Experience Does the Company Have?


Experience is essential to the work of any roofing contractor. For that purpose, it’s a good idea to start by asking when the company first started their work in roofing and what their previous work entailed. Also, find out if they are members of any roofing associations in Florida.


If you have a more sophisticated roofing project, make sure to get pictures of samples of their work, and ask for references, so you can be sure that they have the skills you need. If it’s possible, you should also drive to the locations in question, to see their handiwork firsthand and talk to the homeowners who were their clients.


License and Insurance Details


Now, in order to know more about hiring an Orlando roofer, you also have to find out more about the types of roofing licenses and insurance premiums that legitimate roofers carry.


Ask to find out whether or not the company is licensed and bonded in the State of Florida and whether their license is current. Also, ask for a copy of their insurance policy, so you’ll see precisely what their coverage entails.


Who Is Part of the Project Team?


When it comes to insurance, an unspoken recommendation that most experts will omit from their advice is to make sure the company can actually afford an insurance policy that covers not only their own workers, but their subcontractors as well.


There are a lot of issues to consider regarding subconstracted work and the actual roofing team that the contractor will be putting together. How much work will be outsourced? Do their staff attend any safety training courses? Will they finish the work on time? Who will be expected to clean up the site once the work is completed? Don’t hire any contractor before you get an answer to all of these questions.


Other Helpful General Tips


What else do you need to know about hiring an Orlando roofing expert? Here are a few additional tips that relate mainly to getting quotes and estimates from local roofing contractors:


  1. Make sure you always get a written estimate. Many companies prefer to just tell you how much the project will cost, and then they change the “estimate” later on.
  2. Don’t just limit yourself to a single estimate. Get several of them from different roofing contractors, and compare the service costs, material prices, completion time and other factors that could lead to a lower or higher bottom line.
  3. Be careful of lower quotes. A lot of manufacturers and contractors might offer you an overly “reasonable” estimate, only to subsequently claim that they hadn’t mentioned certain fees that are mandatory.


Even though Florida is a place that’s ripe for storm chasers, and you’re likely to encounter at least a few of these so-called experts along the way, now you know more about how to defend yourself and your interests. With the tips presented here, hiring a roofer in Orlando will become entirely easy.

Hiring a San Antonio Roofer – Key Insight You Have to Keep in Mind

Look For Local Expertise

Are you interested in hiring a San Antonio roofer with experience in the specific line of work required to complete your roofing project successfully? If so, you’re in the right place. We will provide you with useful guidelines and helpful hints that will give you a general plan of action that you can use before hiring a roofing contractor for any particular job you need help with.


What Type of Work Do You Require?


The first step is to determine exactly what you need the roofer for. Are you looking for a specialist in clay tiles? Maybe you want someone to design and install an entirely unique, high end metal roof that also comes with all the bells and whistles that modern roofers promote these days. Or maybe you just want to fix a few old leaks and broken shingles in your existing asphalt shingle roof.


Regardless of the type of help you need, it is extremely important to have a detailed idea of the required work. For that purpose, make sure you can obtain an estimate and have a local roofer conduct a thorough roof inspection that will reveal any hidden problems. That way you’ll know for sure if you really need a complete roof replacement or just a quick fix.


Finding a Local Roofer


The next step in hiring a San Antonio roofer who has at least some level of experience working on Texas homes is to find at least a few roofing contractors online and read up on their services, prices, license, insurance, experience level and other relevant details.


To make sure you get all the facts, don’t limit yourself to just looking through their online listing descriptions and the description pages you find on their official websites. Call and ask for details about the company and what they can help you with. Also, look for reviews that can tell you more about how they treat their customers, whether or not they finish their work on time, and how well they respond in a crisis.


Based on this data you can find a reliable roofer close to home and compare the company’s accomplishments, licensing details and specialty with that of competing roofing contractors.


Contacting the Roofer and Discussing the Problem


Once you’ve established a list of roofers and narrowed it down to 2-3 contractors that you’ve set your heart on, it’s time to call and inquire about the help they can give you when it comes to dealing with the specific details of your San Antonio roofing project. Ask to meet them in person, which by the way a great roofer San Antonio hosts will be glad to do, then ask them various questions that go more in depth about the company’s history and mission. Their responses will give you a clear hint on what to expect.


On your first appointment, you can discuss everything in person and tell them all about the project you have in mind. They can either set a later date for the roof inspection, or head to your house and do it immediately.


Finally, it’s important to make sure that they give you a valid, written estimate. Then, you can think it over, compare the prices and the workmanship details with services that other roofers might offer, and make your final decision based on the total amount of information that you’ve gathered.

What Are the Typical Benefits to Look for When Hiring a Wichita Roofer?


When it comes down to hiring a Wichita roofer, there are many potential concerns that have to be addressed, such as the roofing contractor’s skill and experience, as well as their knowledge of roofing products that actually work for the Kansas area.


Professional roofers make it their mission and their passion to offer high quality workmanship and find only the best roofing shingle manufacturers in the industry. Also, they’ll never hesitate to help out when even the slightest problems arise, or you’re not satisfied with their work.


What Do You Need Them for?


Before hiring a roofer Wichita offers, you have to know who you’re dealing with and what you should expect. Following are just a few of the remarkable benefits that local Wichita roofing contractors and technicians are capable of offering even at short notice:


  • In most cases, the roofers you’ll find in Wichita will have excellent knowledge of the types of shingles and color choices you should choose for the local climate. If you just moved to Kansas, you won’t find any difficulty in gaining great results with their advice.
  • They can help a lot with maintenance tasks, including not just the tasks required to keep your roof in check, but also to increase the life span of your gutters, gutter guards and other upgrades.
  • You can take the guesswork out of making tough decisions regarding the type of roof to install. With the best Wichita roofing contractors helping you with your choice, you can rest assured that your new roof will stand longer and require a lot fewer repairs than any roof you’ve owned in the past.


Good Knowledge of Storm Damage Prevention


Wichita roofers have a knack for spotting and preventing storm damage. If you have damage that’s harder to see, you only have to contact your local roofing contractors to get help with identifying storm damage such as leaks, cracked shingles and damaged underlayment, before it causes too much trouble.


Also, the best local Wichita roofing contractors will provide you with high quality resources, knowledge and support, so you can fix storm damage immediately as it happens. That way, you won’t have to wait for your roofing technicians to arrive – which could lead to irreparable damage to your walls and belongings, if for example, leaks aren’t stopped in time.


Quality Wichita Workmanship


If you want to get the most out of your local Wichita roofing companies, it’s a good idea to research the actual workmanship quality that each local roofer can offer in part. While it’s still important to make sure the person you’re talking to has a roofing license and a good insurance policy, as well as at least 5-10 years of roofing experience, reviews and testimonials from their past clients might be even more valuable.


When you’re hiring a Wichita roofer, however, you’ll find that most of the roofing contractors you’re dealing with are trustworthy, friendly and dependable enough to give you all the information and insight you need about their companies without trying to hide anything.

Tips on Roofing Repairs for a Drier Spring


During mild spring days, your roof takes a stock of storm and some water damage. Most houses sustain at least a few of such problems during the winter months. So toy should take early precautions and save a lot of bucks.

Check the roof:
Have a roof flashing, caulking and shingles inspected in preparation for the spring storms. Check for shingles on the planes of the roof on the ridges. The areas with flashing should definitely we sealed with any approved roofing sealant.

Repair water stained ceilings:
Paining a roof leak does not stop the leak. The yellow or brown stain that was present will appear on the new paint again. Simply seal the stain with a good quality stain sealer and then only repaint the ceiling.

Fix damaged roofing:
Look for spots on the roof that are damaged or are likely to be damaged in the new weather. If it is not damaged too much, you could fix it yourself. If the roofing is damaged heavily, it is strongly advised that you should call a well renowned roofers to fix your roof. They will check and fix your roof in no time.

Fix leaking roof flashing:
Flashing are metal strips that seals and prevents rain water seeping under the shingles and reaching your ceiling. Wind and other weather conditions can loosen the flashing. Most of the serious roof leaks are caused by improper or broken roof flashing that is installed, rather that damaged or missing shingles. The damaged roof flashing should be repaired or replaced, whichever is necessary.


Repair rotted woodwork:
Wood sills take serious damage from all types of weathers. This results in the wood to rod. One should use epoxy wood filler to repair the rotted area. Soak the entire wood rotted area with liquid epoxy. This will transform the rotted area into a sturdy base for the filler. The wood will absorb the liquid epoxy in about five minutes. Keep repeating this activity until the wood cannot take any more of the liquid epoxy. This should make a strong base and paint the area in three days.

Clean the roof gutters:
The gutter system in the roof was designed to remove water from the roof in order to prevent water pooling and moisture build-up. This prevents damage to the home’s original structure and also discourages any moisture related moss growth. Dirty and unmaintained gutters can reduce the lifespan of your roof. It is critical that you should clean your gutters. Regularly check the gutters and remove any stray leaves, twigs or dirt. After cleaning the gutters, it is advisable to trim any trees or large branches beside your house.

Common mistakes in roofing and how to avoid it


Roofing is a process where we build a roof for a house. Roof is the top of any house that is constructed. It is must and should to construct the roof for a house because it works as a shelter actually. A man always needs three things in his life. They are:


Without the roof a man can’t protect himself from sun, wind, cold, rain, snow etc. The roofing also should be done properly in order to avoid loss and keep reconstructing it if any problem is faced.

Mistakes while building roof
Proper roof decking.
Fixing shingles
Nailing process.
Usage of low quality flashing or old flashing.
Proper usage of roof overhang.
Protect the roof from moisture.
Providing proper ventilation.
How to avoid the mistakes


Proper roof decking
We initially start roofing by roof decking. It is like a basement or foundation for roof. It should be constructed carefully so that we can fix remaining roof also properly. Fixing of shingles depends on the decking as they will be fixed on the decking. Make sure the decking is done in such a way that the roof will not be affected by moisture.

Fixing shingles
Shingles we use should be new and with high quality. Shingles should be fixed without any gaps so that any moisture or dirt doesn’t accumulate in the gaps and damage the roof.

Nailing process
To fix the nails fast, we shouldn’t use short nails. We should use the nails in such a way that the shingles are fixed in to the deck properly. This will avoid loosening of shingles.

Usage of low quality flashing or old flashing
There may be a chance that any material other than metal for flashing would be incompletion of roof as it acts as moisture barrier. Usually flashes are fixed in such areas like chimneys, skylights, roof valleys etc. There shouldn’t be any gaps while fixing flashes. Old flashes should not be used by patching, cutting edges etc. Replacing also should be done with new ones.

Proper usage of roof overhang
Though it gives a good look to the house, we should take care while overhanging the eaves. Roof should be properly overhung. It provides protection from wind.

Protect the roof from moisture
Basically, we observe moisture at many places in our house. That is because there may be mistakes in the construction of a roof. The roof should be in such a way that rain, ice, and snow etc should not affect it. There shouldn’t be any place for them to enter the house. Hence the roof shouldn’t have gaps.

Providing proper ventilation
When there is no proper flow of air in to the house, there is a chance of moist in house. Moisture damages the entire house. Hence we need proper ventilation so that the air flow will be there.