Common Products Used on Colorado Roofs

Picking up materials for your roof is not an easy task, because there is much more than buying them. The materials you choose will determine the overall durability of the roof, the warranties you will get,  its resistance in different conditions, the level of maintenance you must perform periodically and, of course, the aspect of […]

Top Shingles Recommended for North Texas

The area surrounding Dallas and Fort Worth, known as North Texas, is well-known for changeable weather – the subtropical-continental climate in the region comes with very hot summers and mild winters, but also with capricious weather all year long. The temperature can drop any time, thunderstorms and strong hail storms can form in a manner […]

Tips on Roofing Repairs for a Drier Spring

During mild spring days, your roof takes a stock of storm and some water damage. Most houses sustain at least a few of such problems during the winter months. So toy should take early precautions and save a lot of bucks. Check the roof: Have a roof flashing, caulking and shingles inspected in preparation for […]