Hiring a Roofer in Orlando: Important Points to Keep in Mind

Important Tips To Keep In Mind

Hiring a roofer in Orlando is definitely not an easy task. Even though there are a lot of roofing contractors around, you’ll find that larger cities like Orlando and Miami are often havens for storm chasers and other roofers who tend to rely more on their ability to swindle clients, rather than on their skills of installing and repairing roofs.


How Much Experience Does the Company Have?


Experience is essential to the work of any roofing contractor. For that purpose, it’s a good idea to start by asking when the company first started their work in roofing and what their previous work entailed. Also, find out if they are members of any roofing associations in Florida.


If you have a more sophisticated roofing project, make sure to get pictures of samples of their work, and ask for references, so you can be sure that they have the skills you need. If it’s possible, you should also drive to the locations in question, to see their handiwork firsthand and talk to the homeowners who were their clients.


License and Insurance Details


Now, in order to know more about hiring an Orlando roofer, you also have to find out more about the types of roofing licenses and insurance premiums that legitimate roofers carry.


Ask to find out whether or not the company is licensed and bonded in the State of Florida and whether their license is current. Also, ask for a copy of their insurance policy, so you’ll see precisely what their coverage entails.


Who Is Part of the Project Team?


When it comes to insurance, an unspoken recommendation that most experts will omit from their advice is to make sure the company can actually afford an insurance policy that covers not only their own workers, but their subcontractors as well.


There are a lot of issues to consider regarding subconstracted work and the actual roofing team that the contractor will be putting together. How much work will be outsourced? Do their staff attend any safety training courses? Will they finish the work on time? Who will be expected to clean up the site once the work is completed? Don’t hire any contractor before you get an answer to all of these questions.


Other Helpful General Tips


What else do you need to know about hiring an Orlando roofing expert? Here are a few additional tips that relate mainly to getting quotes and estimates from local roofing contractors:


  1. Make sure you always get a written estimate. Many companies prefer to just tell you how much the project will cost, and then they change the “estimate” later on.
  2. Don’t just limit yourself to a single estimate. Get several of them from different roofing contractors, and compare the service costs, material prices, completion time and other factors that could lead to a lower or higher bottom line.
  3. Be careful of lower quotes. A lot of manufacturers and contractors might offer you an overly “reasonable” estimate, only to subsequently claim that they hadn’t mentioned certain fees that are mandatory.


Even though Florida is a place that’s ripe for storm chasers, and you’re likely to encounter at least a few of these so-called experts along the way, now you know more about how to defend yourself and your interests. With the tips presented here, hiring a roofer in Orlando will become entirely easy.

About the author: Zachary Thomas