Avoid These Mistakes When Hiring A Commercial Roofer

The roof on your commercial property is among the most expensive and most important components of your building – when it starts to cause problems, such as leaks or it starts showing other signs of aging or wear and tear, you need to make sure that the Tampa roofer you hire for the repair or the reroofing is the best and that the materials and procedures chosen are also the most adequate. The process of finding and hiring a roofing specialist is complex and difficult, so here are some common mistakes made by clients when they hire commercial roofers – mistakes that you should avoid.

Not Knowing What You Want

The more you know about the roofing process that you are about to hire a roofer for, the easier it will be to find the right roofer for the job. Carry out some research about the roofing materials, the repair or the installation procedures that will be used on your roof – it will give you confidence and a strong negotiating position while you are discussing the project details with your roofer.

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Not Checking Credentials

Only roofers who are properly qualified, licensed and insured can legally provide roofing services, therefore checking whether the roofer that you planning to hire can legally provide the services that you need is an essential step in the hiring process. Ask prospective Tampa commercial roofing contractors to provide copies of their state-issued license and their insurance policy and take the time to read the documents, too.

Cutting Corners When It Comes to Quality

Not choosing the best, most suitable materials because they are more expensive is another mistake that usually has costly circumstances. While the price aspect is surely an important one when choosing your materials, there are other important factors to consider, such as the material’s quality level and its suitability for your application and your climate area. A roof built with quality materials is also more durable, more resistant to the elements and it also improves your building’s energy efficiency, therefore the correct choice can help you obtain considerable savings on the long run, in the form of lower energy bills and lower repair bills.

Not Signing a Contract

You might consider your roofer completely reliable and trustworthy, but you need more than just a verbal agreement to have the peace of mind that you need. After you discuss the project details with the roofer you wish to hire, ask the contractor to provide a written cost estimate. Evaluate the cost estimate in terms of material quality, price, duration, warranties and additional services, such as waste removal and if you find the conditions acceptable, draft a contract that contains all the project details or ask the roofer to draft the document. You can also show the draft to a lawyer to make sure that nothing is missing from the document and that it provides you adequate legal coverage and protection in case of an accident, damage to your property or some other, unforeseen and unwanted issue related to your roof.

About the author: Zachary Thomas